Employee Spotlight: Dawn Starbuck

Dawn Starbuck, VP of Business Development at Frontier Title, has been in the title industry since 1985. Prior to that, she worked as a travel agent. When Dawn transitioned into the title industry, she worked in many different departments. She started as a file clerk and quickly moved through posting, typing, order-entry, searching, letter reports, recordings, and final policies.

In 2002, Dawn was recruited to Gatewood Title which later became Frontier Title in 2010. At the time, the company needed assistance with their recordings so that was the department Dawn started in. Later she worked in order entry and then became an assistant in the closing department. She quickly went from being a closing assistant to a closer.

Dawn eventually moved into sales. She has been in sales for about 7 years and has been a manager for 3 years. When asked if she liked the transition from being behind the scenes, processing the titles, to being more client-facing in sales, Dawn said, “I love it. It was an easy transition because I had so many people I had built relationships with that trusted me and liked my work ethic.” She added, “Cold calling customers was easy because I had so much knowledge of what I was talking about. They believed me. They saw the genuine honesty.”

In her role as Sales Manager. she loves seeing how the team has grown through the years and attracted great talent to the industry. Dawn has the experience to help the sales reps with any situation they may encounter. She also has the expertise to train them and communicates with them daily.

Dawn strongly believes in the importance of quality customer service. “When someone calls me, they get a call back right away that day.” She adds, “I constantly make it a point to be looking at my voicemails and my messages and responding, or sending an email saying ‘I’ll give you a call back’.” Dawn works hard to cultivate relationships. “I thank every client every time I get an order to let them know that we appreciate it.”

“One thing that I think is great about Frontier Title is we are more proactive than reactive.” She adds how hard Frontier Title works to have great customer communication throughout the company. For example, in the closing department, there’s always a closing assistant or closing manager who’s going to answer the phone. “Our customers are always getting attention if they need it.” The company has systems in place to make sure all inquiries that come in are addressed right away. It’s a huge team effort.

Being in sales, Dawn spends time out in the community and participates in many local organizations. “It’s a great source of networking.” Dawn stressed the importance of community and how local businesses should be supporting one another. “We should all be encouraging growth within our communities.” She emphasized, “I’m constantly looking to expand business and bring our value to new people.

“I’ve been asked over the years why I don’t switch to another title company, and it’s because I believe in what I’m selling; I believe in my backroom.”  Dawn tells her team, “We all provide the same product, but it’s the why and how we provide it that sets us apart. That’s what we sell. People don’t buy what you are selling; they buy why you are selling it.”

Dawn takes great pride in working for Frontier Title. “I know the quality, the work ethic, the years of experience, and everyone is on the same page that customers are first.” Dawn knows this may be one of the biggest investments that customers are making in their lives. “We’re here to make this transaction in their lives as stress-free, and as happy and smooth as possible.”